For much of history, the gods have been known to be the pinnacle of all beings. Yet before the gods had their time, their ancestors, The Titans, ruled the Golden Age of Man, a time unequaled in its abundance and beauty. At Titan-Studios, photographer and founder Rhett Bingham continually strives to meet that golden standard in his craft. Never complacent with current practices and technology, Rhett works tirelessly to offer only the best quality services and most iconic photography to meet any desire.

Upon receiving his first camera at the age of 11, Rhett realized he had never seen the world more surely than through the lens. His camera, in unison with his keen eyesight, allowed Rhett to find unmatched clarity and life in all he captured. This symbiotic relationship between his vision and camera remains Rhett's truest form of sight.

At Titan-Studios, Rhett makes these years of experience, unique vision, and high standards available to anyone wanting to capture their lives through photography.